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Music soundtracks & copyrights for your

YouTube Videos

The standard license to sync music on Youtube videos

Activate the license and download the copyright certificate in a few clicks.

You don’t need another license if you produce shorted versions of your video.

The same music and video sync project can be shared and advertised on any online platform. (Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Twitch…)

This license also allows you to use for your online paid commercials.

 One license per project you need another license if you sync the music with other images.

You need another license to broadcast locally or internationally Contact us to discuss advanced business solutions.

The different packages

Single track
Best if you are working on a one-shot project.


Find first your soundtrack on the music library and select the right licenses at the checkout

Trackpack 10
Do you need more tracks for a project or a client work? Save until 30%.


Purchase first your track pack and select it at the checkout

Monthly subscription
Working on several projects during a limited period.
Go unlimited, Cancel anytime!


Activate your license, use limitless cancel anytime

Yearly subscription
Working on several projects during a longer period.
Go unlimited, Cancel anytime!.


Activate your license, use limitless cancel anytime

Create emotions by adding music to your videos

> 250K quality soundtracks to edit your films
> Royalty-free: buy your music licence once at no additional cost
> €9.90 for personal projects, from €49 for commercial use
> Protect your projects from copyright claims
> Get your copyright certificate in a few clicks

Advanced solutions for your business

Our B2B sales staff are here to understand your specific needs and suggest tailor-made offerings.

YouTube videos using
Jamendo Licensing music

The place to broadcast your videos online

YouTube has proven its leadership over many years and is still an Unmissable video broadcasting platform today. More and more people use their smart TV to watch content and even get away from classic TV Channels.

Cutting-edge copyright control

Are you planning to share your latest trip to South Africa? Do you want to review a product as an influencer on your YouTube Channel? If you add music to your video, make sure you have permission to use it. YouTube ‘scans’ every video uploaded and checks Content IDs which contain pretty much every copyrighted song.

Some negative outcomes

If unauthorised copyrighted music is detected in one of your videos, you’ll receive a copyright claim. YouTube allows the rights holder to decide how to act. Your video can be muted, removed or the copyright owner may ask to receive all the advertising revenue related to your video.

Consider independent music artists

With Jamendo Licensing, it is easy to find quality music and get your copyright license for your YouTube Videos. You buy once at a fair price for you and the artist and there are no royalties to pay after purchase. If you get a copyright notification, you can access your personal space and download the copyright certificate in a few clicks.